Hacking a computer is a useful and, at rare times, an important skill to pick up. Below are instructions for getting past a password (if you find yourself logged out of a computer or want to check up on your child or spouse), gaining remote access to a computer (to check on a user or help locate a stolen machine), or crack a wifi password (in the event of an emergency, such as if you become lost in an unfamiliar city and you need to look up directions).

Method One of Three:
Hacking Logins

1. Boot the computer in safe mode. 

2. Click “Start”.

3. Click “Run”. 

4. Type in “control userpasswords2”.

5. Change passwords for any account. This is probably going to be obvious to the user, so you may have to tell them a little white lie. Try something along the lines of: “Oh, I hear computers glitch like that sometimes. Click the button twice. You can always type in recover password if you get locked out and then set a new password” (in which case you will want to set the password to the account to recoverpassword or whatever you tell).

6. Reboot the computer.

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